Try your luck with the release of the Starbucks Lucky Bag! For only 1,500php, you can get atleast 3,000php worth of merchandise!

We tried our luck with 2 different Starbucks store and we sure got lucky! The first store we went to was the branch in Doña Soledad. The bags are already displayed and the staff was all ready to assist. I took my time in choosing which bag to take by weighing all the bags first. As I went to the cashier, the staff informed that I will have to check first the items before finalizing the sale to ensure no merchandise was damaged. I did saw one of the merchandise scratched so I told them and they happily replaced the product.

The second we went to was in SM Bicutan. They have limited bags displayed, I think because of the small shelf space, but because we took all the displayed once they immediately restock the bags. We also checked the bags before leaving and they were really thorough on reminding us that once the sale is finalized they can't replace the product.

We bought 8 bags in total and there were 3 items per bag. We did get some duplicates but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT FOR US. We were giddy on our way home, excited to actually unbox the merchandise! You may check out the list of products with their posted price below:

1 - 16oz 50 SIREN SS WATERBOTTLE - ₱1,595 
1 - 12oz DW NAVY SAKURA WREATH MUG - ₱1,195 
1 - S'WELL GREEN - ₱2,245 
1 - Tumbler, 12oz. Reusable Ground Coffee Heritage - ₱845​
1 - Cold Cup, 12oz. Reusable Ground Coffee Heritage - ₱895​ 
2 - Tumbler, 16oz. Blooming Coffee Cherry - ₱795​ 
1 - 25oz OX GOLDEN SS WATER BOTTLE - ₱1,895
1 - Cold Cup, 16oz. Sunbathing Hedgehog with Charm​ - ₱845

You may check out our unboxing video below:


Fortune island is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. It boast its beautiful white sand and Greek inspired view. This is a famous destination as its a raw island perfect for camping, with a great view and diving spot that is also as breathtaking.

It was really unplanned as we are just celebrating our Lola's birthday in Batangas. The night before we thought of trying to go to Fortune Island. We also have a back up plan that we will just go boating if this doesn't work out. I don't actually like the idea of going there because the last time I went there around February 2017, the waves was EXTREME (well, for me). Going home, we needed to swim to get to the boat, they just tied a string from the island to the boat to guide us. AND BECAUSE OF THAT I NEVER WANTED TO GO BACK! But lo and behold, I came back. I was somewhat feeling better as I was with my family. We asked the bangkero if we will experience the same thing but he said as we were just staying there until around noon, they can still bring their boats to the shore. 

We started our journey around 8:40AM and we got there around 9:30AM, the waves are not that big I still got to film while on the boat and we were still chatting and laughing. When we got the it was REALLY HOT, maybe we are wrong but I think the temperature there is different from Nasugbu proper. I noticed that the shore is sure white and fine but its a mixture of pebbles and fine sand, so I will suggest to us aqua shoes. We went directly to the famous Grecian pillars, it was beautiful from there because you can see the beauty of the whole island. The beauty upfront and the dangerously tempting cliffs behind it. The island is also famous for cliff jumping so one activity you can do there. We took a lot of picture of course!

After taking a minimum of 1.5k picture, we headed to the beach to have a swim. The beach was really nice and clear. The only issue for us is that the waves are quite strong. We have 2 kids who loves swimming so it was scary for us adults but the kids had fun going against the waves. The sand on the beach is a bit rocky for me, so I didn't really enjoyed swimming. 

As we didn't really swim that long and my hair is still dry, I think the island decided that I still needed to get wet. On our way back, the waves was really big and the boat we were in was like flying! Once we hit the water, the splash is really big! It was a scary thing but quite enjoyable. We were holding our breaths and hoping we get to the shore as soon as possible. We started our journey going back around 11:50AM and we got there around 1:45PM. Atleast we live! 

Things to know:

  • No stores to buy food or water on the island but the resort you will come from have them.
  • They have cottages but when we went there it was all full.
  • You can set up towels or anything anywhere on the island.
  • They have IMPROVISED comfort rooms and shower rooms in the island but don't expect anything fancy.
Generally, the island is RAW, so no luxury relaxation can be achieved.

Going there, we took the CALAX route. For expenses:

Boat - 4000php
Entrance fee - 350php/person

Also checkout my video:


Last week, we decided we want to try out the newly built stage 3 skyway, but we don't want to waste the road trip so we looked for places we can go to. I stumbled upon the Inflatable Island PH because there are no needed medical certificate or testing, just ensure no family member is showing signs of sickness. We bought our ticket online, we opted for the Splash (2 hours) as we have an 8 year old and a 12 year old with autism, we weren't sure if they will actually enjoy the obstacles. 

We started the road trip at exactly 6AM and we got there around 9AM, though we stopped for a drive thru breakfast at Jollibee. When we got to the place, there were a lot of people already. The lounge was already full and we have a 60 year old who urgently needed a place to seat, so we settled on the Sunflower Lounge but then we were told it wasn't free. It was 500php per bed but the Sunflower lounge was swarming with people who are just taking photos so the relaxation couldn't be achieved. As we paid for the place(while a lot of people was just taking pictures and lounging on the bed for free), tita talked to a manager for the people to be cleared.

Our Splash time is 12NN to 2PM, we chose this because we were quite sure there would be no people on the island around this time. AND WE WERE RIGHT!

Around 11:30, they rounded us up for the safety guidelines, but we were able to get our vest at 11:55. We really enjoyed the island, it was really tiring but FUN! We are big cowards so there is a kuya who is stationed to help those who can't get pass an obstacle, and for our duration he was almost always following us! 

Full details below:

Travel Time: 3 hours
Ticket: 499php each
Food: 180 - 240 php
Alcoholic Drink: 80 - 350php (Beer @ 80php & Cocktails @ 120php)
Lounge: 500php per Bed on the Sunflower Lounge (Free fries and drinks) while free on the beanies

Check out my video below:

 hi~ for this post, I will take you with me to my Grab for Good x Nas Academy Journey!

Last December, I saw this post on my facebook feed. Grab for Good and Nas Academy is looking for 100 content creators to join their program. So I thought, why not try!? I signed up and didn't actually thought about it after that!

Until January 5, I received and email saying I was shortlisted! I was chosen out of the 2.5k applicants to be part of the 200. Now, for them to narrow the 200 to 100, we will be interviewed. I was really nervous and I was thinking of not going to the interview. Hey! I got as far as 200 I think that alone is great.

On the night before the interview (January 7), I really couldn't sleep and my anxiety was through the roof! As the interview was morning and I was working a mid shift (1PM - 10PM), I wasn't able to attend the interview. I was so disappointed that slept through it! Thankfully, they emailed me again saying they can accommodate me on the next batch of interviews! On the morning of January 9, I was interviewed, it was a short interview I think because they need to accommodate 200 applicants. They told me that they will inform me if it was a YES or NO next monday(January 11) I was so anxious the whole weekend. Then Monday came, no news from them. I was sure I didn't get the scholarship but I was thinking a simple email of NO would have been great! So, Monday past and Tuesday came, I was still checking my email for my NO! At around 3PM, I got an email from Nas Academy...


The email also state that we will have an orientation on January 16. I was thinking it was to meet our instructor and to discuss our curriculum, but to my surprise NAS WAS THERE! and it was not a scary or a nerve wrecking kind of orientation! We started off dancing and everyone was so friendly, Nas himself, CMO of Grab, Cheryl and all the participants.

There were 28 participants from Singapore and Malaysia while 44 was chosen from the Philippines.

 I will be updating this with every session we have!

If you are looking to a quiet and close to the metro beach, Tali Beach is the perfect destination. The beach is inside the subdivision and is exclusive to the residence. Though, the residence opt to make their houses available for rent. 

As this is an exclusive beach, walk ins are definitely not allowed. We were able to do a day tour because my lolo is a resident there. They are also offering their house for rent, you can check them out here. The rent for the houses here varies from 10,000php to 25,000php. Depends entirely on the owner.

For us, it was like a day tour as we just stayed on the beach. We were just one of the 3 families there and the place was still serene. If you are expecting a beach resort type this is not the place. Food are not allowed and there are no comfort rooms in the vicinity as this is a residential place. 

Check out the beach below:


Usually, we rent a place for Christmas but because of the pandemic we decorated our home and made it as cozy as ever. For this year's theme, well, it was anything Christmas-y. The two kids was Santa Claus and my lola was grandma claus. I was a cute gingerbread while the others are the elves. I just realized I am the only one who isn't North Pole related. (I should've dressed as a reindeer.)

We do monito monita and I got my lola for my monita. I gave her 3 different colognes from ForMe. My tito got me as his monita a laptop bag from Parfois! It looks amazing and very durable! I am very excited to use it for work! 

My favorite time is of course the NOCHEBUENA! Our food was made by my tita and we ordered some from different shops. I ordered my favorite Liempo Sisig in Mama's Kitchen and lola ordered rellenong bangus in Lola Idang's. My tita cooked a lot of delicious meals, fried chicken and spaghetti for the kids! We have Lechon Belly, shrimp wrapped with Bacon, Caldereta, Adobong Pusit and for extra carb, fried rice and bread with butter and bacon spread. And ofcourse, there is always room for dessert, we ordered a cake and tita made buko salad! I WAS REALLY FULL THE WHOLE DAY!

Check out our Christmas Vlog and our Pass the Gift video below!


New year is fast approaching! Are you ready for the new challenges and adventures that awaits you?! I KNOW I AM! I am gearing up for 2021 with the Belle de Jour Limited Edition planner! 

Belle de Jour is a brand who focuses on empowering women to live life with purposeful possibilities, by providing the planning tools that understand their resilience, vibrance, and lifestyle. The brand has different products for different women, may it be for travel, creatives or if you are always on the go. I have been using them for 4 years now and I still can't get enough! 

I really love their planner because their design can be used as is or decorate it yourself. I see a lot of people who use these planners BuJo style while me on the other hand, I use it as is because creativity is not really my strongest suit. Another thing to love is their unique pages, the planner has a Dream Board, Goals for the year, Ikigai and each month you get different activities! 

Check them out and their products below:

BDJ Facebook
BDJ shop

You can get their Limited Edition, Classic and Navi Planner for only 570php. These planner also comes with a coupon booklet and a BDJ Lifestyle card.

Disc bound Planner are sold for 945php. It has the coupon booklet and BDJ Lifestyle card too

Focus Journal are sold for 520php and Everything is Possible for 570php. I believe they don't have any coupons and card.

Petit Planner for the on the go planning for only 340php.

Check out my BDJ Limited edition flip through!


A long walk to water follows two protagonist with different lives in different timeline. This is also based on a true story and was made to promote Dut's Program, Water for South Sudan.

Salva Dut, an 11 years old boy who lost his family in Second Sudanese Civil War. He walks in hopes of finding his family and on his journey he led 1,500 lost boys to a refugee camp. Several years later, he arrives in America and lives in New York. When he found out that most of his family was alive he later starts a volunteer group to build wells in South Sudan called Water for South Sudan.
Nya, an 11 years old girl who walks eight hours to fetch water for her family. Through the story, her sister was sick and to be able to support her and her family Nya has to walk twice a day to fetch water. When Water for South Sudan reached their home she was overjoyed as they don't need to walk far and the water will be safer to drink. She then introduced herself to Salva Dut.

Overall, the story was touching. You see how similar the story were, the struggles both the protagonists experienced, and how they overcome the challenges in life and being able to give back. The moral I got from this book is that as long as you don't give up, you will have a lot of opportunities on your way. You may have the worst day today but remember that the sun will still shine tomorrow to show you that there will be new hope coming. With the pandemic, I find this book very timely. The premise might be different but as we live our lives differently, helping in every way we can, may it be through kind, finance or prayer, will go a long way. Don't Give Up and just keep going!