If you are looking to a quiet and close to the metro beach, Tali Beach is the perfect destination. The beach is inside the subdivision and is exclusive to the residence. Though, the residence opt to make their houses available for rent. 

As this is an exclusive beach, walk ins are definitely not allowed. We were able to do a day tour because my lolo is a resident there. They are also offering their house for rent, you can check them out here. The rent for the houses here varies from 10,000php to 25,000php. Depends entirely on the owner.

For us, it was like a day tour as we just stayed on the beach. We were just one of the 3 families there and the place was still serene. If you are expecting a beach resort type this is not the place. Food are not allowed and there are no comfort rooms in the vicinity as this is a residential place. 

Check out the beach below:


Usually, we rent a place for Christmas but because of the pandemic we decorated our home and made it as cozy as ever. For this year's theme, well, it was anything Christmas-y. The two kids was Santa Claus and my lola was grandma claus. I was a cute gingerbread while the others are the elves. I just realized I am the only one who isn't North Pole related. (I should've dressed as a reindeer.)

We do monito monita and I got my lola for my monita. I gave her 3 different colognes from ForMe. My tito got me as his monita a laptop bag from Parfois! It looks amazing and very durable! I am very excited to use it for work! 

My favorite time is of course the NOCHEBUENA! Our food was made by my tita and we ordered some from different shops. I ordered my favorite Liempo Sisig in Mama's Kitchen and lola ordered rellenong bangus in Lola Idang's. My tita cooked a lot of delicious meals, fried chicken and spaghetti for the kids! We have Lechon Belly, shrimp wrapped with Bacon, Caldereta, Adobong Pusit and for extra carb, fried rice and bread with butter and bacon spread. And ofcourse, there is always room for dessert, we ordered a cake and tita made buko salad! I WAS REALLY FULL THE WHOLE DAY!

Check out our Christmas Vlog and our Pass the Gift video below!


New year is fast approaching! Are you ready for the new challenges and adventures that awaits you?! I KNOW I AM! I am gearing up for 2021 with the Belle de Jour Limited Edition planner! 

Belle de Jour is a brand who focuses on empowering women to live life with purposeful possibilities, by providing the planning tools that understand their resilience, vibrance, and lifestyle. The brand has different products for different women, may it be for travel, creatives or if you are always on the go. I have been using them for 4 years now and I still can't get enough! 

I really love their planner because their design can be used as is or decorate it yourself. I see a lot of people who use these planners BuJo style while me on the other hand, I use it as is because creativity is not really my strongest suit. Another thing to love is their unique pages, the planner has a Dream Board, Goals for the year, Ikigai and each month you get different activities! 

Check them out and their products below:

BDJ Facebook
BDJ shop

You can get their Limited Edition, Classic and Navi Planner for only 570php. These planner also comes with a coupon booklet and a BDJ Lifestyle card.

Disc bound Planner are sold for 945php. It has the coupon booklet and BDJ Lifestyle card too

Focus Journal are sold for 520php and Everything is Possible for 570php. I believe they don't have any coupons and card.

Petit Planner for the on the go planning for only 340php.

Check out my BDJ Limited edition flip through!


A long walk to water follows two protagonist with different lives in different timeline. This is also based on a true story and was made to promote Dut's Program, Water for South Sudan.

Salva Dut, an 11 years old boy who lost his family in Second Sudanese Civil War. He walks in hopes of finding his family and on his journey he led 1,500 lost boys to a refugee camp. Several years later, he arrives in America and lives in New York. When he found out that most of his family was alive he later starts a volunteer group to build wells in South Sudan called Water for South Sudan.
Nya, an 11 years old girl who walks eight hours to fetch water for her family. Through the story, her sister was sick and to be able to support her and her family Nya has to walk twice a day to fetch water. When Water for South Sudan reached their home she was overjoyed as they don't need to walk far and the water will be safer to drink. She then introduced herself to Salva Dut.

Overall, the story was touching. You see how similar the story were, the struggles both the protagonists experienced, and how they overcome the challenges in life and being able to give back. The moral I got from this book is that as long as you don't give up, you will have a lot of opportunities on your way. You may have the worst day today but remember that the sun will still shine tomorrow to show you that there will be new hope coming. With the pandemic, I find this book very timely. The premise might be different but as we live our lives differently, helping in every way we can, may it be through kind, finance or prayer, will go a long way. Don't Give Up and just keep going!

Big Al's Cookie Jar is a bakeshop that is famous for its Original Decadent Chocolate Cake in a pan. They also do Homebaked Chocolate Cakes, Cookies, & Ice Cream since 2004. They are located in Antipolo, QC, Makati, and BF Paranaque, as they have a lot of branches, everyone can get a hold of their delicious cakes! You can checkout the pricelist and order here.
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π“π‘πž π›πžπ¬π­ 𝐭𝐒𝐦𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐒𝐜𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐒𝐬 𝐚π₯𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬!πŸ¦πŸ˜‹ Share our premium ice cream pints with your family today 🀍 Happy Sunday, everyone!! Thank you for the lovely photos, @johnvalle20! πŸ₯° To pre-order, please visit www.bigalscookiejar.com ✨ Walk-ins are also welcome at our stores daily. 😊 Send us a DM for more details! #bigalscookiejar #bigalsph #bigals #bigalschocolatecake #bigalsdecadentchocolatecake #bigalschococake #bigalschococaramelcake #bigalsbuttercaramelcake #bigalscookies #bigalspremiumicecream #bigalsicecream

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We ordered the Junior Decadent Chocolate cake for Tita's birthday. They just opened again due to pandemic so there is no waiting time. Right now, I think they have their cut offs. I got really excited as we got the cake so I didn't get the chance to take a photo. 

  Our verdict? I LOVED IT! As it was just plain chocolate and it was not that sweet, IT WAS PERFECT FOR ME. But for tita, she said she liked Polly's better. I think its because the one we ordered at Polly's has caramel in it. Though, we will definitely order again! 
Check them out:

Decadent Chocolate Cake (4 sizes)
Loaf (8x4"); 350php
Junior (8x8"); 650php
Birthday (9x12"); 1,100php
Party (10x14"); 1,650php
 Other Products:
Chocolate Caramel Cake : 400php - 1,950php
Butter Caramel Cake : 400php
Cookie Jars (varies per flavor) - 300php - 350php
Ice cream - 300php

Last weekend, we visited my great grandmother in Batangas. As we had a lot of free time in our hands, we decided to check out the open beach near us. There were really not much to prepare as we are practically residents there, but everyone in the resort (and us) are wearing face masks and shields. The guests are also separated, if a new one comes they will be placed far from the ones already in the resort.

We went to Matabungkay, a 5 minute drive from our place. Matabungkay is famous for their Balsa and various beach resorts. For this weekend, we chose Hip Nautic Beach Resort as it has a pool, near the beach and most importantly, its AFFORDABLE.

The place is still rather new, so it is clean. A cleaning service is needed for the shower rooms and comfort rooms but the cottage and tables are still new. They have 2 swimming pools, one for kids and one for adults(4ft to 6ft), the beach is also near, they have a pathway to take you to the shore. They also have paluto but when we were there I believe they told us that the cook was out, but they can still buy us what we want from other locals. The cottage we stayed in was 1.5k(you can haggle!) and tables/chairs are 200php. Overall, the experience was great. The staff was really friendly, not a lot of people and easily accessible for us, but its a 4hour drive I think from Manila to Matabungkay, so not bad! If you want to know more check them out:
The locals in the beach resort are very friendly. If you want to inquire, check out their facebook: Hip Nautic Facebook Hip Nautic Facebook Page

Check out our video for a quick tour!

The Philippines is made up of 7,641 islands that are categorized by three major geographical division: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, these are then further divided into 81 provinces thus creating the Project 81. Basically, filipino travellers are aiming to visit all 81 provinces to experience a glimpse of their unique culture and to capture their beauty. As the islands are individually mesmerizing, doing the Project 81 will never be uninteresting, each of them can offer you unforgettable moments and per island you will meet amazing and hospitable people.

I am aspiring to finish it before I reach 30, so far I have travelled 22 provinces and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I will go back to each one if I have the chance!


Luzon Provinces


Camarines Norte




Camarines Sur









Mountain Province




Nueva Ecija



Ilocos Norte

Nueva Vizcaya



Ilocos Sur

Occidental Mindoro




Oriental Mindoro





Metro Manila


La Union



Visayas Provinces
BiliranNegros Occidental
BoholNegros Oriental
CapizNorthern Samar
Eastern SamarSiquijor
GuimarasSouthern Leyte


Mindanao Provinces
Agusan del NorteDavao OccidentalSouth Cotabato
Agusan del SurDavao OrientalSultan Kudarat
BasilanDinagat IslandsSulu
BukidnonLanao del NorteSurigao del Norte
CamiguinLanao del SurSurigao del Sur
Davao de OroMisamis OccidentalZamboanga del Norte
Davao del NorteMisamis OrientalZamboanga del Sur
Davao del SurSaranganiZamboanga Sibugay

Batanes is the smallest island in the Philippines and is located at the nothernmost part of Luzon. For travellers, this should always be in their bucket list. Luckily for me, my father's family has relatives in Batanes, so we get to have free lounging and tour. If ever you need a tour, I believe you can contact Batanes travel and tours. I can also give you the contact for our relatives there as they also work as a tour guide just message me if you need it. 

 As we land to the island, you can already feel the difference of the atmosphere and the surroundings. When we were at the airport, it was small and filled with local restaurants and merchandise. It was not crowded and it has a garden at the middle. As we got our luggage, we then hurry on my auntie's house. We did a couple of stopovers and I can say the ride was really wonderful! The sight was amazing! There was a stopover at a simple grotto on our way to Mahatao (auntie's hometown). The grotto was located at a cliff with stairs so you can get this amazing view of the ocean and of Mount Iraya. On our way, we were greeted by a jeep that was overloaded! There people at the top of the jeep along with their luggage. You can still see some old stone houses in Mahatao but not as much in Sabtang. 

 On our second day, we went around Mahatao to meet some of auntie's colleagues. We ate at Paulvana's, we ordered a soup with tatus (coconut crab) as the main ingredient and some silogs for the kids. It was delicious and the place was very homey. I believe you need a reservation for the availability of the ingredients. Actually, I noticed that reservation is required in every restaurant in Batanes. On our trip to a land my auntie owned, we had a feast filled with Ivatan cuisine! We had the yellow rice (sticky rice cooked in yellow ginger (turmeric) extract) and Uved (Grated banana root with ground pork) those two are the most memorable as I find it so good.

For the third day, we visited one of my favorite places so far, Rakuh-a-idi Spring (Spring of Youth / Fountain of Youth). It was really peaceful and because you need to do a 30-minute trek to reach the spring there is a 100% chance that you will be able to keep the place to yourself. The spring was cold and I really found it relaxing. I believe its because of the spring and the view. Unfortunately, Mt. Iraya was shy when we came.

We explored a lot of places and IT WAS ALL BREATHTAKING! Their tagline really suits them.