Eat: Big Al's Cookie Jar

Big Al's Cookie Jar is a bakeshop that is famous for its Original Decadent Chocolate Cake in a pan. They also do Homebaked Chocolate Cakes, Cookies, & Ice Cream since 2004. They are located in Antipolo, QC, Makati, and BF Paranaque, as they have a lot of branches, everyone can get a hold of their delicious cakes! You can checkout the pricelist and order here.

We ordered the Junior Decadent Chocolate cake for Tita's birthday. They just opened again due to pandemic so there is no waiting time. Right now, I think they have their cut offs. I got really excited as we got the cake so I didn't get the chance to take a photo. 

  Our verdict? I LOVED IT! As it was just plain chocolate and it was not that sweet, IT WAS PERFECT FOR ME. But for tita, she said she liked Polly's better. I think its because the one we ordered at Polly's has caramel in it. Though, we will definitely order again! 
Check them out:

Decadent Chocolate Cake (4 sizes)
Loaf (8x4"); 350php
Junior (8x8"); 650php
Birthday (9x12"); 1,100php
Party (10x14"); 1,650php
 Other Products:
Chocolate Caramel Cake : 400php - 1,950php
Butter Caramel Cake : 400php
Cookie Jars (varies per flavor) - 300php - 350php
Ice cream - 300php


  1. WOW, this bakery is very unique. I am glad to see that they have a lot of branches around Metro Manila. I love the fact that it is home made and very affordable!

  2. Oh god, those pints of ice cream look absolutely delicious and such fantastic flavors ahh. I should try and order in as well! Haha

  3. I love Polly’s choco cake so that’s hard to beat for me.. but i’ll probably give this a try too! Who am I kidding? I love cakes.. hahaha! Is it moist? And is it dark chocolate? 😀

  4. i havent tried their cake. puro polly's kami since bata pa ako! nako id love to try their lot.. from ice cream, cookie and cake! are they a bakery or a stall or a stand alone shop?

  5. I'm having my bday and this seems like a great place to have cake! Or cookies if tinatamad na ko mag bake ng cookies ko hahahaha! Have you tried the cookies too? Kamusta siya for you?