Eat: Le Sucré Lab Chocolates

Le Sucré Lab Chocolates is a chocolate shop that is located in Sta. Ana, Manila. Their bestseller is the gooey chocolate cake called Chocolate Dream cake. It is composed of 5 layers of chocolate with different texture which makes it so irresistibly good, imagine a cake layered with ganache, goo, shards and cocoa powder. 

 My coworker was the one who introduced the cake to me. I am not really a fan of cakes that is why I was hesitant at first. But as she was really telling me that it was delicious and won't regret trying it, I then give in and ordered one (she actually ordered the truffles with matcha alongside mine so, the truffles is still with me and my tita has been eyeing it since friday). The first bite was not really a WOW factor as I only got the first 2 layers, but when I realized I needed to completely scoop all the layers, that is when I got an awakening(WOW). The different texture and taste of the different layers mixes so well, they compliment the sweetness and bitterness of each other which makes it one flavorful tasting cake that you won't get enough eating. The hype was indeed well deserved!

We are planning to order again as we really found it AMAZING! If you want to get yours please check their instagram or facebook page. They also have the truffles which has 4 flavors you can choose which flavor you want or you can order all of it. 
Chocolate Dreamcake - 475php 
Truffles Collection - 675php 
  • Klasik Dark 
  • Dark Mocha 
  • Matcha Karamel 

 Shout out to Lalamove for the fast delivery!


  1. Wow!it looks so delicious by just looking at the picture, how much more if I get a chance to taste it in person:) thank u for posting this, I have a new place to explore and ice cream to taste:) good luck sa calories;)

  2. I should definitely give this a try. I’m same as you cause I don’t like cakes, but i do love chocolate!! Naexcite ako sa pgakagooey. Hahaha

  3. wow chocolate and cake in one, my all time favorite. Sayang malayo location ko. will surely order and try this if near lang sa area ko

  4. OOOHHHH! This would definitely be a nice cake to get for my birthday :D I'm so eyeing anything that's dark chocolate and I hope it meets my expectations! :)

  5. So good right? I love the cakes and treats from this shop too!