Travel: Hip Nautic Beach Resort, Lian Batangas

Last weekend, we visited my great grandmother in Batangas. As we had a lot of free time in our hands, we decided to check out the open beach near us. There were really not much to prepare as we are practically residents there, but everyone in the resort (and us) are wearing face masks and shields. The guests are also separated, if a new one comes they will be placed far from the ones already in the resort.

We went to Matabungkay, a 5 minute drive from our place. Matabungkay is famous for their Balsa and various beach resorts. For this weekend, we chose Hip Nautic Beach Resort as it has a pool, near the beach and most importantly, its AFFORDABLE.

The place is still rather new, so it is clean. A cleaning service is needed for the shower rooms and comfort rooms but the cottage and tables are still new. They have 2 swimming pools, one for kids and one for adults(4ft to 6ft), the beach is also near, they have a pathway to take you to the shore. They also have paluto but when we were there I believe they told us that the cook was out, but they can still buy us what we want from other locals. The cottage we stayed in was 1.5k(you can haggle!) and tables/chairs are 200php. Overall, the experience was great. The staff was really friendly, not a lot of people and easily accessible for us, but its a 4hour drive I think from Manila to Matabungkay, so not bad! If you want to know more check them out:
The locals in the beach resort are very friendly. If you want to inquire, check out their facebook: Hip Nautic Facebook Hip Nautic Facebook Page

Check out our video for a quick tour!

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