Travel: Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is located in Oriental Mindoro and is a quite popular destination in the Philippines both for locals and foreigners. It has two main beaches, Sabang Beach and White Beach. If you are into scuba diving and snorkeling Sabang is the beach for you. If you are more into the night life and just plain swimming white beach is much suited for you. HOW TO GET TO PUERTO GALERA :
  • Ride a bus to Batangas Pier.
    • We waited for one along EDSA and of course we were standing through out the trip.
    • If you want to go to a terminal instead there are terminals in Cubao, Buendia and Pasay. I believe JAM liner has regular trips to the pier.
  • Go directly to the ticketing booth.
    • A lot of locals will offer you to buy tickets from them. DON'T.
    • The ticket is 250php going to Muelle port. It is inclusive of the terminal fee.
    • The boat ride is around 1hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • You can ask the locals for the free shuttle going to White Beach.
    • The hotel we stayed in has a free boat service.
We stayed in Edgewater Dive and Spa Resort for 1 night. I suggest to book directly at their site as they have promos for every direct booking. Unfortunately, this is not located directly neither to the two beaches but the staffs are very accommodating and will call a tricycle for your trip. Upon check in, we were served with complimentary fruits and water. We were also offered to order before we settled in our room. 
complimentary fruits

view from hotel

 Our room was a one bedroom with veranda and a complimentary breakfast. The hotel was nice and if you are into diving it is conveniently located at the edge of the water (hence, the name). The owner and the staff are very friendly, the owner even initiated small talks. 
Sabang Beach 
 We opted to go to Sabang beach first but upon reaching the beach we found that its more like a port. As this is recommended for scuba diving I believe a boat ride would be needed to experience it. There are a lot of food selection in Sabang. If you are into samgyupsal, Sabang is perfect! Everywhere you look you will see a samgyupsal buffet. I was really excited to eat there for lunch on our second day. But the boat ride was scheduled to leave at noon, so we didn't had the chance to. Also there a lot of bars and clubs in the beach. 
White Beach 

 Next stop was White beach, to get there we chose to ride the habal habal as this was faster. The ride was around 30 minutes and it costs us 150php each. We also had a deal with the habal to take us back to our hotel. (If you are interested to contact him, here is his number : 09064721531) He was really friendly and I believe they were having a conversation while I was sleeping at the back (DRUNK!). 

 We had a little dip in the ocean but as it was raining hard earlier in the morning, the waves were strong. The sands are pebble-like so I really suggest wearing beach shoes. There were also water activities available in the beach. (I'll try to list all the activities below.) There were a lot of hotels to stay in and restaurants to eat to. As we are staying late at night, we chose to eat at the beach, we ate at a karinderia near the beach. We ordered Garlic Shrimp(750php) and Flaming chicken(350php) with white sauce. It was delicious but the price was a bit much. 

 White Beach was an entertainment place at night, there were fire dancers and comedy shows. It was fun and amazing to watch as they were really interacting with the audience. They are also accommodating those who are not a customer at their place. The fire dancers are also offering free trial if you are brave enough, they are also ready to pose for a picture with anyone. Every interval they will be performing comedy acts, there was never a dull moment in the performance. They will be doing singing, dancing, and reenacting some of the filipino tv shows. 
photo op with fire dancer

 On the second day, we ate breakfast overlooking the sea. There were complimentary and again with fruits. You get to choose at their breakfast menu with filipino silogs and american breakfast paired with chocolate drink or coffee. After eating, we swam in the hotels swimming pool, as it was an off peak season, we were the only one swimming. We weren't that brave to actually try scuba diving but we were told that it was just 1200php to take us in the scuba diving spot. 

 We rode a boat back to Muelle port and paid 250php for the boat going back to Batangas. Souvenirs stores and food stalls are available near the docking area. I got some souvenirs that are only 10php to 50php. Going back to Manila, there are buses within the pier's vicinity so no need to worry.

 Overall, the experience was fun and I believe we can still experience this in a much cheaper price. I suggest you book a beachfront hotel so the additional cost for transportation can be used for food instead or other activities. 
 Beach Front hotels : 

Water Activites : 
  • Banana Boat - 2000php/15mins/upto 10 pax ; 250php for addtl. pax 
  • Dragon Boat - 2500php/15mins/upto 10 pax ; 250php for addtl. pax 
  • Jetski - 2000php/30mins/upto 4 pax ; 3500php/1hr 
  • Disco Boat - 2000php/15mins/upto 6pax ; 350php for addtl. pax 
  • UFO - 2000php/15mins/upto 6pax ; 350php for addtl. pax 
  • Band Wagon - 2000php/15mins/upto 6pax ; 350php for addtl. pax 
  • Flying Fish - 1500php/15mins/upto 3pax ; 800php for addtl. pax 
  • Doughnut - 2000php/15mins/upto 6pax ; 350php for addtl. pax 
  • Fly Board - 3000php/30mins/ 1pax 
  • Wake Board - 3500php/30mins/ 1pax ; 5000php/1hr 
  • Watersky - 3500php/30mins/ 1pax ; 5000php/1hr 
  • Jet pack - 3500php/30mins/ 1pax ; 5000php/1hr 
  • Knee board - 3500php/30mins/ 1pax ; 5000php/1hr

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