Are you ready for 2021?: Belle De Jour Planner


New year is fast approaching! Are you ready for the new challenges and adventures that awaits you?! I KNOW I AM! I am gearing up for 2021 with the Belle de Jour Limited Edition planner! 

Belle de Jour is a brand who focuses on empowering women to live life with purposeful possibilities, by providing the planning tools that understand their resilience, vibrance, and lifestyle. The brand has different products for different women, may it be for travel, creatives or if you are always on the go. I have been using them for 4 years now and I still can't get enough! 

I really love their planner because their design can be used as is or decorate it yourself. I see a lot of people who use these planners BuJo style while me on the other hand, I use it as is because creativity is not really my strongest suit. Another thing to love is their unique pages, the planner has a Dream Board, Goals for the year, Ikigai and each month you get different activities! 

Check them out and their products below:

BDJ Facebook
BDJ shop

You can get their Limited Edition, Classic and Navi Planner for only 570php. These planner also comes with a coupon booklet and a BDJ Lifestyle card.

Disc bound Planner are sold for 945php. It has the coupon booklet and BDJ Lifestyle card too

Focus Journal are sold for 520php and Everything is Possible for 570php. I believe they don't have any coupons and card.

Petit Planner for the on the go planning for only 340php.

Check out my BDJ Limited edition flip through!

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