Travel: Tali Beach, Nasugbu Batangas

If you are looking to a quiet and close to the metro beach, Tali Beach is the perfect destination. The beach is inside the subdivision and is exclusive to the residence. Though, the residence opt to make their houses available for rent. 

As this is an exclusive beach, walk ins are definitely not allowed. We were able to do a day tour because my lolo is a resident there. They are also offering their house for rent, you can check them out here. The rent for the houses here varies from 10,000php to 25,000php. Depends entirely on the owner.

For us, it was like a day tour as we just stayed on the beach. We were just one of the 3 families there and the place was still serene. If you are expecting a beach resort type this is not the place. Food are not allowed and there are no comfort rooms in the vicinity as this is a residential place. 

Check out the beach below:

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