Journey: Grab for Good x Nas Academy - Orientation

 hi~ for this post, I will take you with me to my Grab for Good x Nas Academy Journey!

Last December, I saw this post on my facebook feed. Grab for Good and Nas Academy is looking for 100 content creators to join their program. So I thought, why not try!? I signed up and didn't actually thought about it after that!

Until January 5, I received and email saying I was shortlisted! I was chosen out of the 2.5k applicants to be part of the 200. Now, for them to narrow the 200 to 100, we will be interviewed. I was really nervous and I was thinking of not going to the interview. Hey! I got as far as 200 I think that alone is great.

On the night before the interview (January 7), I really couldn't sleep and my anxiety was through the roof! As the interview was morning and I was working a mid shift (1PM - 10PM), I wasn't able to attend the interview. I was so disappointed that slept through it! Thankfully, they emailed me again saying they can accommodate me on the next batch of interviews! On the morning of January 9, I was interviewed, it was a short interview I think because they need to accommodate 200 applicants. They told me that they will inform me if it was a YES or NO next monday(January 11) I was so anxious the whole weekend. Then Monday came, no news from them. I was sure I didn't get the scholarship but I was thinking a simple email of NO would have been great! So, Monday past and Tuesday came, I was still checking my email for my NO! At around 3PM, I got an email from Nas Academy...


The email also state that we will have an orientation on January 16. I was thinking it was to meet our instructor and to discuss our curriculum, but to my surprise NAS WAS THERE! and it was not a scary or a nerve wrecking kind of orientation! We started off dancing and everyone was so friendly, Nas himself, CMO of Grab, Cheryl and all the participants.

There were 28 participants from Singapore and Malaysia while 44 was chosen from the Philippines.

 I will be updating this with every session we have!

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