Travel: Inflatable Island PH - Subic Philippines


Last week, we decided we want to try out the newly built stage 3 skyway, but we don't want to waste the road trip so we looked for places we can go to. I stumbled upon the Inflatable Island PH because there are no needed medical certificate or testing, just ensure no family member is showing signs of sickness. We bought our ticket online, we opted for the Splash (2 hours) as we have an 8 year old and a 12 year old with autism, we weren't sure if they will actually enjoy the obstacles. 

We started the road trip at exactly 6AM and we got there around 9AM, though we stopped for a drive thru breakfast at Jollibee. When we got to the place, there were a lot of people already. The lounge was already full and we have a 60 year old who urgently needed a place to seat, so we settled on the Sunflower Lounge but then we were told it wasn't free. It was 500php per bed but the Sunflower lounge was swarming with people who are just taking photos so the relaxation couldn't be achieved. As we paid for the place(while a lot of people was just taking pictures and lounging on the bed for free), tita talked to a manager for the people to be cleared.

Our Splash time is 12NN to 2PM, we chose this because we were quite sure there would be no people on the island around this time. AND WE WERE RIGHT!

Around 11:30, they rounded us up for the safety guidelines, but we were able to get our vest at 11:55. We really enjoyed the island, it was really tiring but FUN! We are big cowards so there is a kuya who is stationed to help those who can't get pass an obstacle, and for our duration he was almost always following us! 

Full details below:

Travel Time: 3 hours
Ticket: 499php each
Food: 180 - 240 php
Alcoholic Drink: 80 - 350php (Beer @ 80php & Cocktails @ 120php)
Lounge: 500php per Bed on the Sunflower Lounge (Free fries and drinks) while free on the beanies
Location: Subic, Zambales

Check out my video below:

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