Eat you heart out: Jollibee's Honey Beef Rice 2021

We got to taste Jollibee's newest offer the Honey beef rice! It is available to all Jollibee store nationwide for only 149php for solo and 169php for value meal. The rice bowl is also available in Grabfood, solo for 164php and 186php for value meal (other selection below).

I did like the rice bowl but as a lot of people say Garlic Beef Rice bowl was supremacy! I remember eating it when Jollibee released the 39ers series. Back to the Honey beef, all I can think of while eating it was it reminds me of Bistek but sweeter. For 149php, I think the serving was just right. It has a generous serving of rice and meat but a MUCH MORE GENEROUS serving of onion. Though, I love onions (in bistek) so it was good for me. 

Will I buy this again? 
    I don't think so. I did enjoy eating it but I don't think I will be craving for it ever. We are still waiting for the Garlic Beef comeback!

Is it worth the price?
    I will say yes as it was a lot of rice. The serving was definitely not a cup of rice and the meat was just right so yes it was worth the price. 

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