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Presko coffee shop is located at Betterliving, Parañaque. They also carry zero waste and sustainable products from Simula PH. Presko used to be a small coffee shop with just limited al fresco seats, now they moved to a much bigger place and they also offer food selections.

from their first shop, May 2021

from their new shop, September 2021

We ordered the Cafe con Leche and Double Mocha Frappuccino. My tita thinks that it was a little pricey but for me its just right as I can feel the kick of the caffeine with my first sip. They only have 2 sizes, Corto for regular and Alto for large. 

Alto (left) and Corto (right)

They accept dine in as long as you are fully vaccinated so make sure you bring your vaccination card. They are also available in GrabFood. They also cater Zero waste and sustainable products from Simula PH. They have travel utensils and reusable straws made from Bamboo and reusable cottons and napkins. 
Simula PH products

I bought reusable nipple tape(169php), toothbrush cover(65php), cottons(120), and napkin(Overnight - 200php). We actually lost track of time browsing the store. They also have beeswax wrap that tita wanted but it was not on our budget. I believe it was 650 - 900php a piece which was its price anywhere you buy. 

You may check them out below:
Presko Coffee Philippines:

Simula PH

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