Travel: Matabungkay Beach Hotel, Lian Batangas


Our go to beach ever since I was young. Matabungkay Beach is one of the famous beach in Batangas located in our hometown, Lian. They are famous for their Balsa and its only 2 hours away from Manila.

For our trip today, we explored Matabungkay Beach Hotel. The place is spacious, we went there I believe on a Sunday and there are quite a lot of people but it was not crowded. There are 3 pools, kiddie pool, old pool, and a beach pool (with pool bar). When we were there the old pool was not that crowded, the beach pool on the other side has more people than the others. I think its because of the pool bar.

 We went to the resort after lunch so we took our meryenda in their restaurant. We ordered pizza, club sandwich, and pancit. I also ordered cocktails of course. Their food was good, I actually forgot the price but I think its pretty decent. 

We went on the beach and found that they have a samgyeop restaurant and also a place called Sand Bar. You can play billiards, darts and table tennis at Sand Bar with a fee of 150php. They have other activities there too. You can see the rates below and also a little tour.

Matabungkay Beach Hotel

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