World Storytelling Day 2022

Every March 20 each year we celebrate World Storytelling Day, the aim of the celebration is to appreciate the art of storytelling. Nowadays, we have a lot of forms available to tell your story. You can tell it by blogging, videos, or even a photo. With all the platform available, we can easily share any stories we want. So for this year, I want to share my journey with Nas Academy.

I know this was a year ago, but it was really eye opening and I really regret giving up on it. I met a lot of wonderful people on that journey and I still treasure the bond we created! (TEAM MATATAG FTW) I do think it is just in time as Nas Daily is doing a gathering of creators in Dubai for Nas Summit! 

To start, you may check out my blog post below for my orientation journey:

After the orientation, we were now to meet our mentors and classmates. We were separated by nationalities and our level of expertise. I was of course in the Filipino Beginner wave. We needed to create a simple introduction and even though it was simple I was really anxious about it. Check out the whole class below:

For our first class, it was about The art of storytelling. How we can make a simple story into an attention grabbing one. First class and I already told myself that I am not really good at this. They were already making the sample script sounds really interesting while I was making an essay out of it. When they were reading theirs, I thought that mine was all wrong in so many levels. Though, the mentors was really there to help and they were very approachable, we had our first script writing activity and I got great feedbacks about it. 

Second one is about working the camera. I love taking pictures and videos but I am not really good at it. They taught us about camera angles, lightings, and basics on video editing software. Oh, I forgot to mention that classes was held on Tuesdays and Thursday, so while I was in the class I also have work. I believe it was the second class that I had a meeting alongside it. I got through it and my colleagues was asking me are you in a seminar? I just told them it was the television. For this class we were to create a video with our team mates. Luckily, I was in a team with really creative people and we created a story about COVID and how Grab was helping us through it.

There were a total of 8 sessions and each session discusses different topics about doing your own videos, from framing, editing, and publishing. They also do feedbacks when you submit your materials. They will tell you how it could be better or commend you with your work. As a very anxious person, they really handled me well. I felt that they are really interested with my work and they want the best for me and they are very much willing to share everything they can.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to finish the program because of anxiety attacks. I was really having a hard time doing anything last May 2021. I was barely working, no energy to do things that I enjoyed before, and I really found myself feeling vacant. I just stopped everything and I regret every second of it. I know I can't go back to that time but I am still very grateful to all the people I met on this journey. We are actually planning to meet again but because of the pandemic we are having a hard time setting a date and time.

Leaving you with our mandatory class pictures!

You can check out the videos I made for the classes on this link.
The best mentors:
Also check out my very talented classmates!

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  1. That's so much great and good to know po ma'am, Very interesting on this,Thanks for sharing

  2. It's an once in a Lifetime achievement ! An event which enables us to show the importance of storytelling!

  3. Ang saya na nka experience po kayo ng ganito . Ang daming learnings at marami pa po kayong mga nkilala ❤️­čĺ×

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience po and storytelling about Nas Daily. Agree po minsan mahirap din talaga pag anxiety na ang kalaban natin.