Adulting series

One of the scariest things we can do is escaping our comfort zone. I have been very comfortable with it that deciding to change was really hard.

For 25 years of my life, I have a bed to sleep, a roof above my head, and a hot meal. I don't have to worry what my meal is for the day as I wake up and there is already a meal prepared. Sometimes, I have my own meal as I don't like the food on the table. I don't have to clean around the house or pay any bills. It was really a good deal but it will get you thinking, are you still happy with just living day by day like that? No growth? You don't know how to do simple things? Always dependent to other people? I have always been the baby of my family and friend group and I seriously love it! But I did think it was time to change.

Around December 2021, I started looking for a new job far from our family's house. My job at that time was already good and stable, the people are great and the workload was really light. I guess the only thing missing was growth and that made me decide to resign. I did find a job that gets me back to the IT industry and it is definitely a blessing! As I have a new job, what I needed next is a place to live. Luckily for me, we invested at a SMDC property a long time ago. The property was a few barangays away but it was much easier from there to get to my new work than our family's house. 

I moved in before I started my new job but it was really not enticing as we still don't have anything at the condo. No bed, cooking materials, or anything for air ventilation. I went back and forth as it was more comfortable in our house than an empty condo. Luckily, we are still working from home most of my first months and I did like that I still have somewhere to go back to if ever I figured that this is not the life I can handle but I thought that I will always be scared to do this and I am not getting any younger. This is a thing I have got to do. I started saving money for basic necessities like a bed, fan, and as I work from home I needed internet connection. I did think this was enough for me to live by, I already have a handy electric multi cooker and a wireless portable water dispenser so I got my drink and food covered. It was definitely enough but it was not as comfortable as my family's house. I lived by pancit canton, canned goods, and when my finances permits, some take-outs. 

It is really a roller coaster ride even though I am only 3 months in. A lot of my family and friends are very worried if I can really handle living alone and so far it is the hardest yet most fulfilling thing I have ever done. As I love looking back to this kind of events, I decided to document the things I learned in living alone. This series is dedicated for all my first times; from the turn over of the condo to looking for a water refilling station to learning how to cook simple dishes. This can easily be a big baby's guide to adulting.

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