a big baby's guide to adulting: Condo necessity

 Now that I have a place, I still need the basic necessities to be able to live my day to day life. I kind of pride myself of being low maintenance. As long as I have food you can literally put me anywhere. Before moving in, I listed the things I needed for the condo. I figured I needed a place to sleep, a fan, and internet connection. 

Loft Bed

For my bed, I was choosing if I will be buying a sofa bed as my temporary bed but I figured i'll start saving up for the bed I want as I am still not paying any bills (still living with my family this time). I started looking for what bed I wanted for my room. Also, late last year, I bought a semi-double sized mattress topper and it was the BEST INVESTMENT I ever had during the pandemic. I had to put that into account but as my room was small, I had to think of a way where there will still be space for me. I came across an inspiration for a loft bed and I was in love. I planned to do a basic loft bed with an L shaped table below it. I started searching for people who can customize the bed and I needed a heavy duty one as I am a VERY big girl. While browsing through my feed, I saw an ad for a customized bed made of metal. I had to ask the weight limit for it, the size, and the delivery fee for everything. The shop was really accommodating with all my inquiries and they also made suggestions to how I can fit the bed. 

Check them out:
RD's OnlineShop 

Air Conditioner and Fan

For a much comfortable sleep, of course you will need a Fan or an air conditioner. I actually got my fan first, it was the Union 20" Industrial Fan. I needed a heavy duty one that time as the room I was staying before gets really hot. For the air conditioner, we can only put a window type one in our condo. It already has a slot for it inside the bedrooms and the living room. I wanted the air conditioner to be an inverter for low electricity cost and also I want to be able to control it on my phone. I researched a lot about it and I came across the LG 100EC Air Conditioner. It's a dual inverter and also uses ThinQ so I will be able to control it via WiFi.

Union 20" Industrial Stand Fan - I bought this in SM department store.

LG 100EC Air Conditioner - Bought it at shopee. (The seller was really accommodating and we actually had trouble as a wrong unit was delivered but it was settled the same day.)

Internet Connection

As we are still working from home, internet was a non negotiable, the condo only caters 2 provider, Globe and Sky. We were a Sky user before but I didn't actually liked how they handled us so I decided to try Globe. So far, I haven't had any problem with them. They were really responsive to my inquiries.

I subscribed to their 2,699 600Mbps with phone.

These are other necessities I figured I needed after staying for a while in the condo:


Drinking water on my few months of stay was the 6 liters water you can buy at the grocery and that was around 80php. I figured that it was quite expensive and I have to carry it from the grocery to the condo. I started looking for a water refilling station near me and I found Reydhona Water Refilling Station. They provided the round 5 gallon container for I believe around 250php with the water.
Water prices:

  • Mineral - 25php
  • Purified - 35php
  • Alkaline - 45php


As I can't still afford buying myself a washing machine, laundry shop is the best way to go. To be honest, I am still not thinking of getting a washing machine as I love that my clothes just gets here already folded. I even sometimes just get the clean clothes straight from the bag and empty the bag for the next laundry. 

Spin Lab Laundry Services - 09166230473

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